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Seaside sermon
Freedom and fun
Fly a kite

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Sea Side Sermon

The sea the land the sky merge as one,
Here at the sea shore.
Here at the edge of the wave,
At the edge of tide and time.
This, the centre of the triangle.
The conjunction of three.
Here's where the primal ancestors made legs and lungs,
Where life took air; poked it's head in open gas.
Rising high as a cloud,
Thin as a bubble skin.
A spiralling event among maxim.
Air touches everything.
The Land The Sea and The Sky merge as one.
The land and sea and Space.
SPACE ! The void carrying everything.
A window to radio.
A lens appearing in eternity.
Spattered and gritted by the stuff it isn't.
In space nests fire,
The Sun a star that is near.
EARTH, the ceramic sphere,
A bed for the oceans to lay on,
The boundaries of dreams.
The skeleton, the shell, the jelly and the touchable.
The mineral that builds us,
The mother of bodies.
The place of the dead, judge and protector,
She quakes under her own reluctance; she is time.
From her cracks run red rock,
From a fire inside, a piece of the SUN, a gift, her animus.
The sea, teaming with tentacles and tails.
A pool of tears that run from the land as rivers.
The sea's embrace of the return of everything,
Everything that moves.
The Sun the Father giving her the child creatures,
That behave the only way they do.
This is all of us....

By Brian Field from the record "Sphere of magnetick virtue" Erixma

Freedom and Fun

Freedom and fun.
Freedom and fun for every one.
The reason is one - - fun fun fun.
A perfect ban on monogamy,
So kiddies parent's are the bigger ones.
Translating all the enerchi,
Into fun for all the family.

A perfect world is a sunny day.
A perfect night sees the milky way.
A perfect end is what the reaper's done.
A perfect life is full of fun.
What's simple is the universe.
What's hard is the rocks and bones.
What's big is the very idea,
That fun can last for ever.

So what's fear and what are lies ?
What's boring in this surprise ?
What moves just behind the curtain ?
Lets take a look to be certain.

A straighter life is a winding road
This is written in the spiral code.
A load of crap is food for plants.
Life is easy if you do this dance.
In disease we cease to flow.
In the dark the seed will grow.
Take the breath and it's ebb and flow.
Move your ass and your head will follow.

Getting round on the ball under Sun.
All them animals having there fun
Letting the wind fill in my hair ,
Into each and every where
Stepping down bravely onto this earth.
There's lots of fun inside this curse.
Transcieving on all frequencies,
All that is good all that feeds.

By Broggz from the live music of "The Corruptors"

Fly a Kite

Come fly a Kite, up to the highest height.
Come fly a kite.
Up through the atmosphere, Where the air is bright and clear. Come fly a kite
Come on little darlings of the world,
Play away.
Come on little darlings of the world,
Play away - play away for ever.
a Fleeting bliss of freedom,
Unblemished expression.
A wordless Language of simple joy,
Play away I'll try to protect you.
I cannot give you the world,
All I can give you is me.
You who's slate is clean,
Forgive me its mean - out there.
Rise and shine my dear,
Forgive me my fear - its cause you are beautiful.
Twinkle very Little star,
1 remember what it is to be who you are.
Cherob wings fan fire,
To lift you much higher than here.
By Broggz from the live music of The Corruptors

Scruple Tango

Outside, beyond the world that we've invented.
Within, inside the space that's unfrequented,
walk angels describing patterns of their own,
and we think we are alone.

Fantasy head, beyond the world of mathematics,
Your figures revolve in a chaos so ecstatic.
Look into my eyes - is there a logic inside my pupils ?
Prey for my soul, I am beside my self with scruples.

Don't purr, you'll put me off my concentration.
Don't eat my head, until I've done the preparation.
I've faced the facts, now I must analyse the data.
And spout out stuff, neither inventor or creator.

By night, behind the nothing of the sky.
By day, under the burning of the eye,
Lay visions that are screaming to be seen,
But we, we always think that it's a dream.
By Burning Towers from the album Dadadicky.


Energy has names,
Names are sounds,
Anything you wanna be, can be found.

Love drips like rainbows,
From the grin of mother whore.
Fun defies my pain darlin,
To my very core.

People are games,
Games of chance.
Anything you wanna be is a farce

Laughs drip like tears,
From these bones right here.
Memories mock from darkness,
Like the sound of the jailer's key witness.

Brains are chemistry,
Feelings are the sea.
Anything you're gonna be, is cause you're free.

Truth drips like wine,
Toxic and raw.
Lies through all time,
Lay like me on the floor.

Death is our fate,
And fate is where I'll be,
When everything you wanted to be is lost

Blood drips like rain,
In the cemetery.
A stone carved with no name,
Leaves only energy.

Hear this song.

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