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Drug, chemical or other substance that alters the function of an organism. Such chemicals are used for the prevention, treatment, and alleviation of disease. The term "medicine" (such as in prescription-only medicine) is sometimes used to distinguish therapeutic drugs from recreational and other drugs, such as opiates, which are used illegally. The use of drugs dates from prehistoric times; the first list of drugs with instructions for preparation, called a pharmacopoeia, appeared in 1546 in Nuremberg, Germany. Drugs can be derived from plant, mineral, animal, or synthetic sources. Many early folk medicines, including aspirin, digitalis, ergot, opium, and quinine, were derived from plants. Minerals used as medicines include boric acid, Epsom salts, and iodine. Many hormones used to treat a bodily malfunction—such as insulin for diabetes, or growth hormone to promote proper human development—may be obtained from animals. Some newer analgesic (pain-killing), sedative, psychoactive, and anaesthetic drugs have been developed entirely by chemical analysis, and many substances formerly obtained from animals, plants, or other organisms are now made synthetically. Some of the newest drugs are produced by biotechnology or genetic engineering.

OK there's a big difference between elephant tranquilizer and a glass of water, but it all swishes in the chemical aquarium of our dear old bodies. Eat nothing but potatoes for seven years and see what your like and I don’t just mean your body.

so called Recreational

Acid: Derived by Prof. Hoffman by extracting the active ingredients from Ergot, a mould that grows on wheat. L.S.D Lysergic acid diethylamide in the form of Ergot as you can imagine has caused whole villages to become insane. Timothy Leary a professor at Harvard university was convinced that this drug would change the consciousness of humans to the betterment of existence, and in many ways this is true. Acid like mushrooms is the most profound drug you might experience. If it is strong it will take apart your structured thought, your ego, and eventually your sanity. I have had experiences of this drug that have brought so much laughter it hurt, and I was able to view my life from a new vantage, or rather my life became a new vantage. I have also seen a young man destroy himself in a hideous state of insane fear.

Mushrooms: Hallucinogenic mushrooms grow where the conditions are right. Mushrooms like acid are most profound. I can say that mushroom have changed my life with no turning back.

Bad Trip: My first experience with mushrooms was in an endeavor to find a new laughter and experience, to do some thing different, I needed to change. Change I did but I had a little idea of what may happen. My friends and I cooked up a pot of hundreds of mushrooms that had the thick taste of earth. Laughter did come in great ticklish, mental waves. and it grew so much that the laughter was outside myself, and I was inside trapped in the cell of my laughter. Then all I knew of everything began to dissolve into patterns like crystals clashing and turning with light that could not go dark, infinitely tiny stretching progressively into eternity, and I was gone, dead. But then wave upon wave a consciousness, an ego, jelled absurdly, hanging in the universe that was of its own making. Standing alone, aware of its instantaneous destruction, and felt, it felt like drowning. Wave upon wave of dissolution and consciousness gulped in the relentless chaos, with no breath of sense, just infinite terror and no way to die.

Tobacco To know tobacco is to understand any drug addiction.

Tobacco is the name of a native American tribe. When the cruel medieval Europeans enjoyed the experience of smoking with the natives, they of course asked what plant they were smoking and the Tobacco pointed at the poisonous variety.

How to give up Tobacco:

To give up tobacco you have to stop putting a cigarette to your lips and drawing in the smoke. It is this small physical act that makes you a smoker or not. But we all know there is a lot more to us than physical acts. You will probably need a very real reason to give up like bad pains in the chest, lack of breath etc. Once you have smoked you cannot become a non smoker, you can only become an ex-smoker. When you give up you will sympathize with smokers, you will tolerate their company or despise there weakness as much as you despise your own.

Work on the following stages and on successful achievement of each stage move on to the next. If you fail any or all the sequences return to the previous/start again.

  1. There is a urge to smoke after eating. Wait at least an hour after eating before you smoke. Stop smoking in bed. Don’t smoke after sex for at least an hour. When you wake in the morning do nit smoke before breakfast. Do not use nicotine skin patches or "Herbal" cigarettes. Do not smoke joints in the pretense that they are not cigarettes.
  2. Start to give up when you go to bed the night before the day you don't smoke, and don't smoke till the sunset of that day. Do this until you have become used to this new rhythm.
  3. You may find that you will not crap until you have had this first cigarette of the day. This is because the large intestine has a relationship to the lungs. This next step is a big one; don’t smoke until you crap. Do this until your bowel movement is normal, like once a day.
  4. By this time your smoking should be very reduced and who you are and what you do has begun to transform. In stage three you might well have experienced days without smoking, so now try weeks, then months, years, until may be you become an ex-smoker.

When you give up you will have to change a great deal of your life; friends, places you go, you personal head set. Some take to smoking joints (tobacco and marijuana cigarettes) but this usually results in smoking lots of joints in the self deception that this is not "cigarette smoking". I found Tai chi very helpful when making a change like this in your life. You may also experience memories from way back when you first started smoking, and if they are uncomfortable you must find a method of dealing with it. Again Tai chi is a great method. It undermines your pride and utterly embarrasses one to realise and admit that you are servant to a tiny devil like tobacco . When you give up it is a terrible lonely trip into the very meaning of our lives. When you give up you can no longer treat yourself , or have any sense of control in the world . When we smoke we change our body condition in a way that is comparable to intravenous . As smokers we can join hands with addicts of many other drugs. It astounds me as to how delicate a chemcal make up we are. A chemical taken willfuly or ejected by a gland can make a profound difference in our personality, mood, the direction of life and our mortal servival . We are so proud of this illusion called free will , and so indoctrinated by individualism that bad health and addiction challenge us. We see that there are forces greater than our selves moving along line well off our own will.


Marijuana is a generally speaking a hallucinogenic drug. It is interesting for the mind and consequently everything. I have experienced sound most profoundly when I have been "stoned" and it is a very social drug with no debilitating effects other than sleep can come easily. I have never been able to abuse it, as over use reduces the creative aspects of its influence. It is not addictive but many people become dependent. Other than this it is often smoked as "joints" (tobacco & marijuana cigarettes) and then by way of association with tobacco becomes addictive. It is illegal to posses this drug of many uses here in Britain and the leaf of this sociable drug has become an icon of anti authoritarian feeling and politics. There are many claims for its medicinal properties but I think allot of that is the stoned mind supporting its own euphoria.

Warnings about Marijuana: If you are depressed marijuana can lead to paranoiac distress - avoid all drugs when you are depressed. If you have had a bad trip on acid or mushrooms then marijuana can bring on flashbacks of the experience very strongly. I've not known marijuana to make people violent or to dangerously affect their car driving except watchout for falling asleep - don’t use dangerous machines and drugs.





Ginger: arthritis

Linseed: Menopause

Horse chestnut : Veins


Drugs for Initiation, revelation, and psychic reasons:

Drugs are used by many different tribes, but I dont know about them too much. See there's alot of ways of seeing the same thing. What would be good is to have someone wiser good and ancient to point you the good way.

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