Most astronomy looks at the book of life and says it is bound paper with dark pigmented shapes upon it. This is very true, but to suggest these shapes are a narrative is heresy to science. see GOD

Bless the astronomer because they have given us wonders for more ponderations, especially the NASA fraternity who for the evolution of the world publish these visions and facts on the web. The Hubble Space telescope (HST) what a camera, what awesome mysterious visions it has brought us. Now we get in our face what is further away.





Astronomy Now. Website of hardware magazine that’s one of the best for British people.

J.P.L (Jet propulsion Laboratory)They make and drive space craft and publish images taken by them..

Soho Images from a telescope that looks at the sun.

Jupiter Jupiter pictures and its moons

Watch Eros tumble

The pictures of Mars they dont show you

Space craft


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