As a musician, music is the sympathy of waves in the air to the state of matter and emotions. As a being I sympathise with matter and emotion and live in air.

"Although sound is a very cosmic thing it has been used for humble subjects such as toast."

"I like original music basically and then to go further, I just like extremes of music whether it be totally chilled-out ambient music, the strangest bizarre music, or totally most aggro fucking mental hardcore. You know, it's just like, you know, I seem to go for the extremes"

When music is built from sampled fragments of other musics, and noises bearing no relation to recognisable physical acts, recording's previous relationship to the solid presences of notes and melodies, strings and skins, crumbles. The microphone, stylus, wireless, scanner, aerial, portable DAT: these too have become instruments, nets in the trawl. The process of making into account the mechanics of the instrument and performance, to achieve a kind of gestural music.

"Lack of clarity is always a sign of dishonesty" - Celia Green

"today's electronic music mirrors the parallel lives of waking and dreaming: the conscious activity of researching and gathering sounds - the learning part - followed by the retreat into the studio to manufacture the track - the stitching together of fantasy."

"make the instrument as transparent as possible, so as not to obstruct free expression Scriabin and Debussy extended the overripe, Romantic notion of expressiveness"

Reverb is the salt of sound

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Fragment records was created in the early 80's by Clive Richards later merging with Brian Fields Roding recordings.

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