M U S I C I A N S - M I S S I N G



We would be BIGGER with more musicians !

What we play is great and fun; we may be greater and funnier with you.

We play original songs with extended improvisations of music and words;
psychedelic, blues, country, funky, reggae, electro, prog, punk, croon, humorous, experimental;
described as "Bonzo", "String Band", "Derick and Clive" on acid.

Personal traits are most important; passion, sensitivity, originality, intelligence, humility, humour, an open mind, experimental.

Musicianship well yes; applicants will need to hear, understand chords, basic structures, emotion, hold a tune and have a fine sense of rhythm.

This is a rural post so own transport is probably essential.

We imagine you to fill one or more of the following vacancies:
• drummer
• percussionist
• bassist
• another guitar
• another voice
• any melodic instrument eg reed, brass, string, keys, wind
• something we haven't imagined
• friend

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FROGWORM on BandCamp

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